Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 1, Day 3- Crystal Light Water Way Challenge

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Hey, I’m taking the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge- check here for updates each day for the next two weeks and join me over on the Water Way Challenge group at BlogHer.

I am personally vowing to (1) drink 8 glasses of Crystal Light/water a day and (2) resist the urge to drink ANY sodas during the next TWO weeks!


How did I do today?

I DID IT!!! You guys left me some AMAZING tips and I tried some of them out! I think I have found out the best system that works for me.

I like re-using my 700mL sports water bottles with individual packets of Crystal Light. By using more water to dilute the packet---it gives me a lighter, more refreshing flavor. Not to mention, I only have to drink 3 of these bad boys to equal 8 glasses of water. MUCH easier to keep track!

Today I tried a new flavor, Wild Strawberry with Caffeine to keep me energized. And BOY was I energized!

I don't know if the drink had anything to do with it---but I sure did wash and fold 5 separate FULL sets of laundry! ;)

The taste was good---something I could easily get used to. With the extra water, it was still very sweet to I would definitely recommend diluting it.

...pretty much running to the bathroom more than usual--so I'm hoping that wears off after a couple of days! I've heard that it helps if you take lots of sips throughout the day, rather than downing a boatload of fluid in one setting. Have you guys found this to be true?

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Momma and Her Doodle said...

Yes Suz,

Sipping is much better than swallowing a "boatload" of liquid at once! OMG you crack me up! My recomendation take those beautiful quads for a stroller ride and sip as you stroll, your Southern heat should help you stay hydrated! BTW frequent bathroom breaks do subside during week 2.

Please post a pic of the new haircuts! You are one brave Mama...

I have yet to announce on Nick's blog but we are once again planning a cycle of IVF for a sibling, keep your fingers "and toes" crossed...


Lees said...

MMMMMM... Ok - my favorite is the rasberry lemonade but I have a ton of laundry to do - so looks like I need to do that Strawberry one...
I mix on packet for one camelback of water and ice... I am trying ot drink 3 - 4 of these a day but like you - it is the bathroom runs that are the hardest for me to fing time for....

Frugal Jen said...

Thanks for the tip! I always get bloated after sodas too but can't give them up... until now. I am going to try this.

I have several canisters of Crystal Lite now I will put them to good use.

I am curious if I loose any weight.