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Laundry is Now LOADS of FUN!

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Anonymous said...
I would love this machine, but I think I would like the oven that doubles as a fridge. I have no idea what brand it is, but it would be great if I could put something in the fridgoven in the morning when I go to work, and not worry about the food sitting out when it only needs to cook for an hour. What a time saver.
Also on the new washer/dryer I noticed you said it had a countdown to completion timer, that would be WONDERFUL!

True Random Number Service
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-11-16 15:51:27 UTC

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Samsung Home Appliances

My heart just about jumped out of my chest when BlogHer asked me to chose which brand new SAMSUNG appliance I would like to review (and OWN)! Are you serious?!?!? I made Joe re-read the email over and over to make sure I was translating it correctly. YEP!

And YES--SAMSUNG! They dominate at everything else electric, so why not appliances?

We, the Steece family of 6, are now the proud owners of the Samsung, top-o-the-line, extra large capacity, front loading washer (model: #WF448AAP)
and dryer (model: #DV448AEP)--complete with pedestals!!!

Out with the old...(I'm gonna miss you, 'ole buddy 'ole pal...we've been through LOADS of baby spit up together)

...and in with the brand, spankin' new!
LOVE Mr. Delivery Man's face---"YES! They are quadruplets!" (notice the quad-crowd watching from above?)

Well...whadya think, guys? (The kids were in awe of the giant machines!)

Ben: "OOOOOOOOoooooo!!!"

But enough gawkin'...Mama has work to do! You see, I saved up on laundry so that I could run several different loads in the new W&D! (Yah right...who am I kiddin'...this is Mom & Dad's laundry on a GOOD week!)

Time to sit down and read through those user manuals (Yes! I am THAT particular and thoroughly read through each and every instruction booklet before setting up new gadgets, don't you?) The booklets were very easy and concise.

Samsung Washer Model WF448AAP (isn't she beautiful?!?!)

Click on the image below to view a detailed description of features.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY!- it can wash a king sized comforter or up to 28 bath towels in a single load! Which is awesome in a house full of 6--the laundry adds up VERRRY quickly! By washing fewer loads--I save time, money, water, and energy! (Ethan checking things out)

2. VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology)- performs smoothly at top spin speeds while minimizing noise and vibration. (Fantastic for sleeping kiddos!)

3. Stylish Design- heck ya! Funny how the most exquisite part of our house has now become our laundry room!

4. Diamond Drum- Tiny little holes that are 36% smaller than conventional drums which prevent fabrics from getting caught or damaged

5. LCD Display & Center Jog Dial- it is SO easy to use and I love how the screen lights up in the dark as well! Look at all of those different cycles! I also love the countdown to completion.

The child lock button will also come in handy with 4 curious kids sneaking in and out of rooms they shouldn't be in! Just press the "Soil Level" & "Signal" buttons simultaneously.

6. Silver Care Sanitation Cycle- 16 million trillion silver (widely known for its antimicrobial properties) ions are released during this particular cycle which does NOT use HOT water---This, in turn, uses 92% LESS energy while killing more than 99.9% of bacteria.

Things to take into consideration:

- Expensive: From what I have researched, this is the "top of the top of the line" when it comes to washing machines and averages around $1400. This particular washer is among the most highly rated front-loading washers in professional appliance testing (Consumer Reports & Good Housekeeping) and I believe it! It is amazing!

- Silver plates must be replaced after 1,000 Silvercare Cycles have been run. If you push the signal button and the silver care button simultaneously, the total number of silver cycles run will be displayed...so it is easy to keep track.

Samsung Dryer Model DV448AEP

Click on the image below to view a detailed description of features.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Fuzzy Logic Algorithm- What's this you ask? Sensors measure the degree of dampness and automatically set the drying time! Talk about super energy efficient! I love that it automatically shuts off when it detects that the clothes are perfectly dry to the particular level you choose (5 different drying levels: very dry to damp dry) and not a second longer---no more crisp clothes that have been blown to bits!

2. Mixed Load Bell- When laundry contains various types of cloth which vary in weight and drying time, a bell will alarm when the average dry level is 80% dried---perfect for taking out those polos that Joe doesn't want dried all the way and wrinkled! (I LOOOOVE this feature!)

3. Extra Large Capacity- Again, I am amazed at the amount of laundry I can fit into the washer & dryer! They are HUGE!

4. Refresh or Steam cycle- Say you want to wear something that has been hanging in your closet, smushed and wrinkled---simply throw it in the dryer under "refresh cycle" and it will spray a small amount of water while tumbling with heat. It reduces bad odor and wrinkles! Awesome.

5. Wrinkle Care- It is a button you can push with any cycle-- a small amount of water is sprayed into the drum to release wrinkles from items that have been left in the dryer too long and will continue for up to 90 minutes. I was completely amazed as I pulled load after load out of the dryer and the clothes were hardly wrinkled at all!

6. Rack Dry- Items such as stuffed toys, sweaters, foam rubber pillows, shoes, etc. can be dried on a drying rack so they won't be tossed around. Very COOL!

Things to take into consideration:

- Expensive: Average price is around $1300. (But you definitely get what you pay for and you end up using less energy so it all evens out, right?!)

And now, without further adu---are you ready for the contest???
How would you like to win a $200 Best Buy gift card?!

To enter, leave me a comment below and tell me:
"Which Samsung appliance would make your life easier (refrigerator, microwave, range, dishwasher, or W/D)?"
- Or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 10/5/2009 @ 7pm CST and will end 11/15/2009.....Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct!


No duplicate comments.
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This giveaway is open to US-Residents, age 18 and older
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
Please see the official rules here:
Official Rules
Link to the Random Number Generator

Don't forget to check out the BlogHer.com review/giveaway round-up page to see what fun & exciting brand new Samsung appliances the other BlogHer reviewers received:
You've got 8 chances to win a $200 Best Buy card.

Visit Samsung's site for more information.


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Beejax said...

I would really love the french door refrigerator. We have a really old refrigerator and the way that the shelves are put together are really inconvenient. I would really like a fridge that could actually hold everything we need it to hold.

crystalf said...

You're so lucky! We really need a new washer and dryer. Ours are very old so I don't know how much longer they are going to last. Thank you!

Beejax said...

My tweet http://twitter.com/Beejax/status/5741285463

Beejax said...

I posted on my blog http://beejax.blogspot.com/2009/11/another-giveaway-from-blogher.html

susan1215 said...

I would love a new fridge as our is so old. I would love one with an ice maker in the door and a big freezer.

Meet the Browns said...

We would definitely go for the dishwasher--ours has leaked all over the floor!


Jackee Ann said...

The W/D would make my life much easier!!
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Tweet http://twitter.com/happeegirl/status/5742233071

happeejackee at gmail dot com

areyoukiddingme said...

Dishwasher is what I really need, but that washer/dryer looks sooo cool!

carolpie said...

I could use a new fridge as mine freezes our food, the icemaker and grill is broken and it is the worst fridge I ever had-a GE!

gooeygooey said...

The washer/dryer combo would make my life easier.

marissa said...

That fridge looks amazing! I want one!

giggling kids said...

I really need a new washer and dryer.


Anita said...

Those machines are beautiful and I want them!!! I would love for laundry to be fun!

Ardy22 said...

A new Samsung refrigerator would make my life easier. Our old one is ineffecient and ageing rapidly

Ardy22 said...



Ardy22 said...

blogged the giveaway


GStix said...

I would really like to get the Samsung oven. There are so many great features and I could definitely use something that would make life a little easier. I spend so much of my time fighting with the old stove I have that getting a new one would make me really happy.

Ashley Wasser said...

I for sure could use that washer and dryer! A w/d have been on the top of my list of next appliances I want to purchase. However, soo expensive!!!

GStix said...

Tweet http://twitter.com/Gstixy/status/5744787374

GStix said...

I posted on my blog http://gstix.blogspot.com/2009/11/second-blogher-best-buy-giveaway.html

Bandbabe said...

I could use a new washer and dryer. I love all the things about this washer.

AEKZ2 said...

I need either a new dishwasher or a fridge.

Stephanie said...

I could really use a new dishwasher!

carmen said...

The appliance that would make my life easiest would definiteley be a washer and dryer. We live in an apt and have to drag our laundry to the basement!

carmensechristjunk at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...


carmen said...

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/atlantagalknows/statuses/5745226885

carmensechristjunk at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...

I blogged:

tlcfromtn said...

A new range would make my life easier. Mine is over 20 years old and going down hill!

braaisjo at gmail dot com

tlcfromtn said...



braaisjo at gmail dot com

dolls123 said...

The 4.3 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer would make life easier. The washer I have now needs to be run twice to get all the water out


twifanheather said...

A new washer and dryer would make life so much easier! Ours are so old and hopefully we'll buy a new set soon b/c we need to!

twifanheather said...

I tweeted!

slehan said...

A new dishwasher will make my life much easier. Thanks for the contest.

slehan said...

tweet http://twitter.com/slehan/status/5746134323

slehan said...

blogged: http://slehan.blogspot.com/2009/11/holiday-contests.html

rhonjerm said...

I could sure use a new washer and dryer to make life easier. My washer & dryer makes one heck of a clunking noise, and I am pretty sure we use more electricity than we need too!

clemensrhonda at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I could really use a new dishwasher. Mine is dying. Thanks for this offer.

mineola said...

For us it would definitely be the Samsung refrigerator!

David Hollingsworth said...

I could use a new DVD player, even though I don't deserve one, on account of my anger, bitterness, and etc. To be honest I would take anything anyone would give me, if I could just watch DVDs again.


Danny said...

Tweet http://twitter.com/DannyRMcD/status/5746641737

AnneTracker said...

I would get a new oven for sure! Mine is on it's last legs!

Danny said...

I blogged http://dannyrayhastosay.blogspot.com/2009/11/another-best-buy-giveaway.html

novidiac said...

The washer and Dryer sound heavenly.... Definitely on my wish list!!


... said...

A new Samsung range would be heaven. I need a new one desperately, especially with the holidays here. I can't bake anything properly or uniformly. It's a real headache!


rb109972 said...

The fridge would be so helpfull, mine right now is the small one from when i was in school

pms3237 said...

My washer/dryer is over 20 years old and I am in definitely in need of a new set

Garner5 said...

We are a busy family of 5 with a new baby on the way the 4.0 cu. ft. High-efficiency Front Load Washer WF218ANB by Samsung would be a huge help for our family and make washing large loads a lot easier!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Drew and Joey said...

To make my life better, the one kitchen appliance I'd most like to replace is my dishwasher. It is old, noisy, & sometimes leaky.
drewandjoey07 at yahoo dot com

Ruthie said...

What a great washer and dryer. I don't have quads, but it sure would be nice.

Anonymous said...

To make my life better, the one kitchen appliance I'd most like to replace is my range. It is old & inefficient.
jmadru07 at yahoo dot com

Lindz said...

I would be grateful for any new appliance as ours are really old but the one I could use the most is the dishwasher. Our dishwasher was born when in the era of flock of seagulls and duran duran. So it could definitely use an update. I would especially love having stainless steel instead of the stylin' brown and cream that ours currently is!

Tara said...

I would most love the fridge!

Lindz said...

I posted on my blog http://sweepstakesjunkiegiveawayaficionado.blogspot.com/2009/11/second-best-buy-giftcard-from-blogher.html

Missy said...

I think the washer and dryer would be my favorite! Anything that allows me to was more clothes at one time and still save on energy is right up my alley!


Lindz said...

Tweet tweet! http://twitter.com/LindzCS/status/5747811892

ladyt64 said...

I need a new stove/range.

ladyt64 said...


My Kids' Mom said...

I can't contribute pie this year b/c my range is so inconsistent I no longer trust.

charity/ccboobooy said...

I could really use a new microwave oven. Thanks

charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

charity/ccboobooy said...



charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jan said...

I would like to have a new dishwasher. Ours is really outdated and clunky and it is not energy efficient at all. We have an astronomical power bill and it would be great to cut down on that by having a more energy efficient dishwasher.

Kim said...



allykittie79 at aol dot com

Kim said...

Dishwasher!! Our trays are all rusted (came that way with the house... Ugh)

allykittie79 at aol dot com

dawn0124 said...

A Samsung W/D pair would make my life easier - hate lugging laundry around.

Francine said...

To make my life better, the one kitchen appliance I'd most like to replace is my fridge.


Jan said...

I posted on my blog http://janmcdsweepsandgiveaways.blogspot.com/2009/11/second-blog-giving-away-gift-cards-from.html

janir@cox.net said...

We finally (after 25 years) are remodeling our kitchen but kind of ran out of money for a new stove.

So my ancient doesn't-always-work stove is sitting on my beautiful new floor..

Jan said...

Tweet http://twitter.com/DJanMom/status/5749420717

The Fredricksons: Brian, Britney, Salty, and Jerry said...

Fridge (RFG297AARS) would be such a blessing in our house! The tiny fridge we currently have is over-flowing with produce, milk, eggs, and other essentials. The freezer, beware, is crammed with frozen leftovers and the single gallon of ice cream it can hold, resulting in something being pushed out when the door is opened. All that to say, I would sooooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE a bigger fridge!

Thanks, Britney

Jess said...

My life would be easier with a new dishwasher (that actually allowed the dishes to come out CLEANER than when they went in, LOL.)

Thanks... Much Love, Jess


~*~lilshuga2001~*~ said...



brianpiero said...

Thanks for the giveaway... We are looking to replace our kitchen microwave, and the Samsung - 1.8 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave - Stainless-Steel (SMH9187ST) would be a perfect fit: big interior & reasonable price.

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

brianpiero said...

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/brianpiero/status/5749985757

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

Steve M. said...


writetosteve at hotmail dot com

amyd said...

I could really use the new washer&dryer!I love the new ones&could save money tooo!!


Anonymous said...

I would get a new washer and dryer. We have really old ones and they can leave rust stains on our clothes and they really don't get the clothes all that clean.


Swtlilchick said...

The refrigerator would make my life
alot easier,ours is not cooling
very well and is making a bad
sound.My husband says its going.
Thanks for the giveaway


Swtlilchick said...



guettel78 said...

The Samsung SNK9175ST microwave would be a godsend for making delicious meals quickly, which is something my family definitely needs most days since we're always on-the-go and racing our busy schedules. Its combination of convection and microwave heat as well as the 200 built-in recipes would make mealtimes a lot more workable without sacrificing the quality of the end products. Plus, it's a beautiful piece of equipment!


guettel78 said...

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/guettel78/status/5750700554


guettel78 said...

I blogged: http://slavetoacademia.blogspot.com/2009/11/200-best-buy-gc-giveaway-at-product.html


dvice said...

A Samsung dishwasher would make our lives easier because our current dishwasher doesn't work too well

liliesrnice said...

We could really use a new dishwasher!!

seussgirl said...

I may not have quads, but I have 3 boys under two (20-month twins and a 9-week old). Our washer and dryer could definitely use an upgrade!

Anonymous said...

I really love the french door refrigerator. Not only is it beautiful I love how much stuff you can fit in it. We have a newer fridge but it's a side by side and there really isn't that much room for anything in it. The french door refigerator from Samsung seems like it is set up really well and carries a lot of stuff. Fingers crossed!


Kathy said...

I would absolutely have to say the washer/dryer! I haven't had a dryer in over 2 years and living in the Northeast, it's tough. Ok in nice weather when I hang clothes outdoors, but when bad weather comes, I hang clothes all over the house to dry!..on chairs, shower bars, anywhere! My washer has been broken forever, and I must manually turn on the water handles behind the washer and monitor water so it won't overflow, then turn off water to wash. Then turn on water to rinse, then off to spin. Then I spin small batches of clothes (many!) to wring out water to dry them (sometimes 4 spin cycles per batch!) Exhausting! This grandmoter of 2 needs a break...please!

Atreau said...

I would love the Samsung Dishwasher DMR77LHS. I love that it has quiet operation.

lilyk said...

A Samsung refrigerator would make my life easier.


esther said...

A new stove would definitely make my life easier!

esther said...

I tweeted!

Tiffany819 said...

A dishwasher would make my life easier! My dishwasher sucks! I would love to put this gift card towards a new one. Thank you and congrats on your new washer and dryer!

Tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

Linda K said...

I could really use the refrigerator. We have our second outside (So Cal so not too cold) but it is very old and needs replacing. The freezer is the only working part.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

Hey there Suz! I'm totally jealous of your W/D. I would definitely use the $200 gift card to go towards a sweet set of laundry wizards like you have. Lord knows that I need something to motivate me to get our laundry done. :)

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

wowza! i want your washer and dryer!!!!!!!

miztrniceguy said...

the fridge would be awesome!


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