Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week 1, Day 5- Crystal Light Water Way Challenge

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge

Hey, I’m taking the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge- check here for updates each day for the next two weeks and join me over on the Water Way Challenge group at BlogHer.

I am personally vowing to (1) drink 8 glasses of Crystal Light/water a day and (2) resist the urge to drink ANY sodas during the next TWO weeks!

Week 1 is coming to an end! I am so happy with how I have done with my Water Way Challenge. It actually feels really good to drink more water---and know that I am living a healthier life!

Today was rough---a little tricky to get in my water intake. My baby girl had major kidney surgery today,

but have no fear---I sure did pack my little Crystal Light to-go singles for my weekend hospital stay and plan to catch back up on my 8 glasses of water per day.

Just me, my laptop, and my Crystal light--enjoying a comfy little twin mattress hospital pull-out with the hubby & knocked out baby girl.

Have a great weekend and I'll be checking back in on Monday! Just curious--what are some ways that YOU are making healthy changes in YOUR life?

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Tabaitha Kaye said...

I actually stopped drinking carbonated beverages in college. It was so hard, but I still get my caffine fix from coffee. I prefer to drink water most of the time, so it has never been a challenge for me.

I just had my second child in March and I've lost all the baby weight, but want to tone up and get back in shape, so I have been doing "THE SHRED" by Jillian Michaels and it has kicked my butt. I love the feeling after a good work out, even if my legs feel like they can't move.

Our Rhabdoemyosarcoma Journey said...

I met you at cooks on saturday! so nice to say high in person! hope ya'll got to go home. I added my blog above!