Monday, June 22, 2009

Crystal Light Water Way Challenge- I signed up, did you?

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge

Experiment: What happens when Suz drinks just ONE CAN of her favorite soft drink?

Well, first you take this:

then add your favorite carbonated soda:

and WHALLAH! Within 30 minutes, you will end up with this:

Stomach bloating like you wouldn't believe (FUN-FUN)! Oh yes, the body does all sorts of neat little tricks after you become pregnant and deliver quadruplets. My new friend, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and I have not been getting along too well as of late. I know that I need to stop drinking carbonated beverages--that's why I was VERY excited to participate in Crystal Light's Water Way Challenge Click on the link to learn all about it. (I'm always up for a good challenge!)

Late one night after a dinner date with the hubby, I received my Crystal Light product review starter packet. Lots of goodies, I have NO excuse to choose Soda over fun-flavored water.

I am personally vowing to (1) drink 8 glasses of Crystal Light/water a day and (2) resist the urge to drink ANY sodas during the next TWO weeks! (EEEEK!) However, I'm not gonna lie---the hardest part of this challenge will be finding TIME to drink 8 glasses of water/day! (That, and running to the restroom constantly!) I mean seriously, do YOU regularly drink your recommended dietary consumption of water each day? If so, PLEEEASE leave a comment with suggestions! I will need all the help I can get! Maybe if there were something to help me keep track? Check out this nifty little widget:

Join me and register HERE for the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge--you can take a Water Assessment and get your very own Water-Tracker-Widget like the one above! As if that is not cool enough--you will ALSO automatically be entered in (1) a weekly prize that varies each week and (2) a Grand Prize Trip to Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! How cool is that?! All for vowing to make a healthy change in your life and drink more water!

I'm already a Crystal Light fanatic (Fruit Punch is my absolute FAVE--seriously, I've gotten my friends hooked as well). Here's my pantry for visual proof:

But I am very excited to test out some of their other 32 flavors! It should be fun! I'd love to have you guys join me in this challenge. Let me know when you sign up--we can even bounce ideas and questions off of each other on the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge Group over at BlogHer. All you'll need to do is create a profile (with just a username and email). Click HERE to get started on the group convos!

Don't forget to check back here with me over the next 2 weeks to cheer me on as I document my progress with the challenge! I will post the daily links below:

- WEEK 1, DAY 2
- WEEK 1, DAY 3
- WEEK 1, DAY 4
- WEEK 1, DAY 5

- WEEK 2, DAY 1
- WEEK 2, DAY 2
- WEEK 2, DAY 3
- WEEK 2, DAY 4
- WEEK 2, DAY 5

For other pictures and stories from our fun-filled lives, visit our main blog at Steece's Pieces.

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Mama Llama said...

Yeah! check out my blog post about Crystal lite.

I am not a Blogher revierwe, so when I stumbled across Kelly's review I was over the moon! I have a great tip for easily consuiming your 8 more. Check out my post.

Sara said...

Sometimes I will use a water bottle that is 32oz and have a goal to drink one before lunch and then another in the afternoon/evening. To get in the habit you could set a timer reminding you to get a drink every hour or so. You probably won't have to do that long before it just becomes a habit.

Just a few ideas.

Amanda Mae said...

I am addicted to Crystal Light's "Wild Strawberry"! Yum!! I am definitely going to join this challenge and try my best to kick my coca cola ( ice cold one sounds soo - NO, resisting the urge!)habit. Thanks for posting about this!!!

Molly C said...

Whoa Suz.. that is some impressive bloating my friend! And I have GERD too. Soda makes me full and nausious! I drink a LOT of water. or at least, i think I do? and yeah, I pee. A LOT! Then again I don't have those sweet Quads so I have more free time than you do!

Syndi said...

From times that I have looked at Crystal Lite before, it is sweetened with aspertame. I cannot even remotely tolerate aspertame. Believe me, my belly (which is bigger than yours to start with) swells like crazy with most artificial sweeteners and is most uncomfortable with aspertame. Do they have powdered mixes sweetened with something different now?

Kellie's Bama Days said...

Eventually you will just start to crave the water you will get so used to drinking it.

Ms. M said...

I am not much of a soda-drinker - I drink water and tea mostly. But, to help me get my recommended dosage, I fill up a big container of water and leave it on my counter (if you like it cold, put it in the fridge). I pour all my glasses from the same container so that I can see the progress throughout the day.

As for remembering, I like the timer suggestion because when it's especially busy, drinking water isn't first on my mind. The water tracker is awesome.

As for bathroom breaks...that goes away after a while. Once your body is accustomed to getting a certain amount of water at certain times of the day, it no longer needs to store it. You will retain less water and will have fewer bathroom breaks. OH, and also - sip your water all day long. If you chug, it'll go right through you.

Good for you! Now, can you share your tips on exercising regularly?

MEGAN said...

The bathroom breaks do lessen in time! Your bladder stretches, or I dont know just gets accustomed to your water consumption. I drink WATER ALL DAY LONG. I can't go 10 minutes w/out water. I've blogged about it before. By the time I'm done w/a hair cut, I'm parched and can barely guzzle the bottle fast enough.

Good luck!!!!

Susan said...

I’ve been doing the exact same thing as Sara for years and it works really well for me! I use a 32-oz bottle and my goal is to drink one by lunch and the other in the afternoon. If I drink more water in the evening, that’s just a bonus. I keep a bottle with me ALL the time, EVERYwhere I go and sip on it throughout the day. And I agree that the constantly needing to go to the bathroom goes away after a while….or at least you get used to it and don’t realize you’re going more than you used to! Keep it up, Suz!

Chantelle said...

YES!! I drink over 100 ounces of water a day (I'm currently breastfeeding), and the way I make sure I stay on top of it is by carrying a 20 ounce Rubbermaid water bottle with me throughout the day. In the morning, I fill 'er up and put 5 hair elastics around the bottle. Every time I empty the bottle and refill, I take one of the elastics off. When I have no hair elastics left, I know I hit my minimum. I find the more you drink, the thirstier you are. I kind of "challenge" myself to finish one bottle every 2 hours during the day, and it gets done!

Suzanne said...

I drink lots of water a day!! My secret is to have a cup of ice water always out and ready. I even bought cute straws and I use one every day. If I am on the go, I use a water bottle. The trick for me, is to make sure it is always COLD!!! It makes it taste so much better. =) Good luck!!

Amanda Mae said...

Left a comment earlier, but I joined the challenge, blogged about it and am having a Crystal Light giveaway on my frugal blog :o) Thanks again for posting!!

Joe, Christina, & Rocky said...

I'm with everybody else that said it - i LOVE my 32 oz camelbak - I ended up buying one for work, one for home, and one for my gymbag b/c I love it so much. I started at 2 bottles a day (your daily need) - and am up to about 5 a day, you really do end up craving it!

Sarah said...

I use the regular pink lemonade flavor and then freeze it into ice. When it freezes, I pop the cubes into our ice processor and make it into "shaved ice". It's the same item, just eaten in a different way. The kids I nanny BEG for me to do this for them all the time.

Ryan said...

I really love Klean Kanteen water bottles. I have this 27 oz one and it is AWESOME!
You can buy them at various online stores or at Whole Foods.

My second Fav is this set of water bottles
They come with a nifty holder to keep them in the fridge. With all our bottles I run them through the dishwasher, then refill and put back in the fridge. Cold water, ready to go in a great water bottle makes all the difference for me. I drink so much more water this way and take a bottle whereever I go. I also make sure my kids have a bottle when we leave the house.

Natalie said...

Ever since I gave birth two months ago, I love drinking water... with Crystal Light of course! But I tend to drink twice as much if I use a straw! And it's much better poured over ice! Good luck!

Kelly said...

Ok, this makes me want to do it...Looks yummy!

Kelly said...

BTW, I have GERD and that explains the soda/bloat. ARRRGH

Belle said...

I drink lots of water each day. BUT I didn't used to! I gave up sodas -- Coke! -- for Lent two years ago. One of the hardest things I've given up I think! Now I have coffee in the morning and then it's water the rest of the day. I love sugar free koolaid for water bottles. Perfectly portioned, etc. I have tried a couple of flavors from Crystal Lite but am willing to try fruit punch as that's another great kool aid flavor!

I use the Deer Park sports top water bottles that are 21.9 ounces each and drink 5 or 6 of those each day. I do find I get thirsty for water. It'll come!

The McNulty Family said...

You KNOW you SOOO got me hooked on the fruit punch!! LOVE that stuff. This week my favs are lemon flavored iced tea and pink lemonade. I drink them over ice with a straw.. yummy!!!


canadian52 said...

Good luck! What kind of water are you mixing into it? Hopefully not tap. I think that out of all the water I have tried with crystal light, I like my processed water the best. It’s also the best for my health and makes me feel great.

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